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Pastor Roger Daene
Our Pastor
Cell Phone 317-833-2678

Pastor Roger

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Church Council

Office 2013 Office Holder Term ends
President Mike Peters 2015
Vice-president Kent Krimmel 2014
Treasurer Anne Hartman 2015
Financial Secretary Joyce Bauman 2014
Recording Secretary Johannah Pollert 2014
Board of Deacons Mike Hartman - chair
Board of Education Heide Baca - chair 2014
Board of Missions Sharon Peters and Sue Sego - chair 2014
Board of Fellowship Amy Houch and Gerda Martin - Co-chair 2015
Board of Stewardship Kevin Weber - chair 2015
Board of Trustees Paul Cox - chair 2015
At Large Kathy Hawkins 2014
At Large Jeff Hawkins 2015

Rose Krimmel - Administrative Assistant


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